Cleanfeed: The Best Solution For Remote Podcast Interviews

In a perfect world, podcasters would be able to conduct all their interviews in person.  After all, face-to-face interviews benefit from personal connection, and the audio quality can be controlled using a quiet sounding space and professional, high-quality microphones.

But for the majority of podcasters, interviewing in person isn’t always practical (or cost effective).  And let’s face it, most of us are “normal” people with “normal” lives. Meaning, we’re busy, multi-tasking, have families and jobs - or any number of factors that make life hectic.  

When I started my podcast, I held myself to a strict standard of doing all my interviews in person. This worked well for the first year, but eventually I started to feel limited. The biggest hurdles for me were geographical.  After all, I live in Alaska, and a lot of the people I wanted to interview lived in the continental U.S., Canada and even places like Europe.  So what’s the best solution I’ve found for recording podcast interviews remotely? Enter Cleanfeed.

Cleanfeed is a website that makes it easy to capture high-quality interviews remotely.  And when I say “high-quality”, I mean audio that sounds like the person is in the same room with you.  How is this possible? Cleanfeed uses the Opus Codec, a totally open, royalty-free, highly versatile audio codec that is unmatched for interactive speech and music transmission over the Internet. Put simply, the audio quality is astounding.

With it's built-in recording infrastructure, Cleanfeed is simple to use - eliminating the complications of external mixers, "mix-minus" configurations, and other technical wizardry that confuses the average podcaster.  The minimum requirement is a browser and a mic (I've had great success recording guests who are using earpods).  Additionally, Cleanfeed makes it easy to conference in multiple people at once (and have the ability to record them all on separate tracks).  The only limitation for using Cleanfeed (at least for now) is that it only works on the Chrome browser.  But if that’s not an issue for you, then Cleanfeed might be the highest quality and simplest way to capture remote audio.  

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