Creative audio solutions for podcasters, filmmakers, and brands.

Pod Peak

Creative audio solutions for podcasters, filmmakers and brands


The craft of audio

Audio is a powerful tool. Audio creates images and landscapes in the mind, elevating the narrative, and opening up a listeners imagination to a world beyond their own. Whether you’re a business wanting to promote your brand with a podcast, or a filmmaker, seeking original, hand-crafted music to elevate your film, Pod Peak is committed to fulfilling, and exceeding your audio objectives.

Podcast Production

Pod Peak specializes in producing story-driven podcasts that are both compelling and creative. We understand the components required to build a successful podcast from the ground up, and go above and beyond to exceed the expectations of our partners and clients.

Evan has helped me improve the quality of my podcast.
— Ashley Saupe - The Sharp End Podcast

Music Production & Licensing

Pod Peak creates original music that elevates podcasts, films and other creative projects. Owner, Evan Phillips, is an award-winning songwriter, and has recorded and/ or produced 40+ albums for clients, as well as his own projects. Additionally, he has composed music for podcasts, short films and documentaries, and licensed his music for TV and independent films.

Pod Peak completely blew me away with the quality of their work. They are in a league of their own.
— Graham Zimmerman - Bedrock Filmworks

Editing & Post-Production

Pod Peak has 15+ years experience working with audio, and sets the highest editing and post-production standards. We put a premium on attention to detail, crafting meticulous, yet natural sounding audio; a perfect fit for your next podcast or film.


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